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About Us

We are a very happy and secure long married 40’s career minded couple in Sydney’s West. We have no jealousies or hang-ups and while not being hardcore swingers we are not new to swinging and have made some very good long term friends since we first tried this lifestyle and we know what it is we are looking for. We are not just looking for a bit of quick fun in the bedroom but also for people we can see socially and whose company we can also enjoy away from the bedroom. We are looking for other like minded couples who also share a stable relationship or the right single female. We will not play separately or in separate rooms either regardless of your reason.

He is straight while she also enjoys playing with the right girl but that is NOT a necessity. She also enjoys lingerie and dressing to impress especially when meeting someone new for the first time. While we are not really into one night stands, we have no problem playing the first time we meet if we all hit it off and that is what we are all in the mood for. We enjoy BBQ’s at home, an evening out with friends, or an evening in with good company and pretty much all the usual things that most people enjoy. We also enjoy Camping, Fishing, or A day out on the boat with friends and we can think of nothing better than enjoying these things with friends who also like combining some erotic and sensual fun into the mix. Neither of us has ever gone behind the others back so if that is your style and you are just out for whatever you can pick up behind your partners back we are certainly not the couple for you and you are wasting your time reading any further. If you like what we are about we would enjoy hearing from you or if you would like to know more check out our website at www.funinwesternsydney.com.au.


Looking forward to hearing from you
Michael & Debbie x0x0x0x

0422 160 318

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What We Look For

Our interest is in meeting couples or single females. While we do not rule out one night stands we prefer to meet people where there is a mutual connection and who are interested in forming a friendship which is ongoing where we can also see each other socially in addition to us all enjoying some sensual and erotic fun together. We are not concerned with what you look like as what is important to us is the kind of person(s) you are. Those who just want to strut around like peacocks being admired by everyone while telling anyone who will listen how good they are do not impress us at all. For us it is what we have in common and how we get along that matters and it is your character and your values that will impress us. We will be more than happy if we only ever get to meet average everyday people who have a similar outlook to us and who are looking for nothing more than uncomplicated fun together. Thank you having the interest and taking the time to read our profile and hope we have given you a fair idea of us. If you think we might be a couple you would get along with we would very much like to hear from you.   We are not into endless emails or those who just want to endlessly talk about it and have no genuine interest in ever meeting so unless you are happy to have a chat on the phone sometime fairly soon after getting in touch, you would be better off going elsewhere. We will give you our mobile number on our first contact and after a quick “Hi” on the mobile we will happily give you our home number so we can have a good chat and see how things go from there.  


Looking Forward to Hearing from You
Michael & Debbie xoxoxoxox
0422 160 318
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